Who we are?

Howdy Gamers & Creators! At BintangPC, we live and breathe technologies. Our passionate crew of gamers, computer engineers and technology lovers build the latest custom PCs with unparalleled expertise across the nation for:

PC Geeks

and for anyone those who require an excellent config in their rigs.

With an experience of a decade in the industry,Aryan Informatics decided to establish a new brand BintangPCas a Powerful 3D digital store, where everyone can build their dream PC according to their budget with the powerful options of customization at the best competitive prices.

Customize PC

The way you want it!

At the online store of an BintangPC , you can choose from the latest components available, and customise your PC your way. As appears as it sounds, we offer the best custom-built personal computers and workstations across the country.


When you feel you are left behind!

We know that a computer needs up-gradation over time. That is why we offer separate Components. Whether, it is

Graphic Cards
Storage Drives

to get everything just perfect and compatible in your rigs. Upgrade to the latest and stay competitive.

Customize Cost

You pay for what you choose!

No matter if you have a Certain budget, We have everything in our warehouse to match your needs. At BintangPC, we care for the hard-earned money, that is why we offer cost customization in building PC. We display the cost clearly when you select your configuration so that you'll know exactly, what you're getting.

No Hidden Charges.
No False Commitments.

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